Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 259 - Saturday, Sept 15

 We are having a blast keeping our Youth pastor's foster baby for the weekend while they host a youth retreat.  She has stolen my heart and I can't wait to do this on a regular basis!! She is so sweet and inquisitive, but as I watch her it makes me very sad to think that her mama is missing all this....praying for her parents tonight, that they can successfully do what is required of them to get their children back.

Day 258 - Friday, Sept 14

spent some porch time with friends tonight.  It was so good and much needed.  It was raining and cool and the conversation was great.

Day 257 - Thursday, Sept 13

 Getting ready for fostering!
Got some great items at a friend's garage sale!

Day 256 - Wednesday, Sept 12

 Large prints of our family pictures came in today!!!
Can't wait to hang them!

Day 255 - Tuesday, Sept 11

 Today started with a prayer time at our church as we remembered 9/11 and prayed for our country and it's leaders.
Tonight was our monthly Women's ministries, Apples of Gold.
 We each brought a tea cup from home and shared the story that went along with it.  Then we had a woman from Teavana, a local tea shop, teach us all about tea.  It was so interesting!!!
Every one took home a "tea ball"
 It's peached tea woven to look like a nut when it's put in hot water to steep, it turns into a flower.  How cool is that?!!

Day 254 - Monday, Sept 10

 I have found another great benefit to empty nest.....when your day is crazy and you didn't have time to cook dinner, you and your husband can just decide to go have sushi!!!  I think I may be doing this a lot!  :)

Day 253 - Sunday, Sept 9

 Yes, this is the same picture as Saturday, but after church we spent 7 more hours in foster care training.  Today was pretty tough.  Not just because of the length, but the content....very hard.