Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 78 - Sunday, March 18

 I couldn't pick just one picture today.  
We had Minute to Win It in Sunday School was SO FUN!!!  
The kids were awesome and loved all the games!

Day 77 - Saturday, March 17

Alyssa and I spent THREE hours this morning organizing our supply room at church.  It looks great and we now know where everything is!!!

Day 76 - Friday, March 16

Jason and his friend, Tori, had a gig at a local coffee shop tonight.  I love listening to these to play and sing. They are both gifted guitarist and their voices blend so well together!

Day 75 - Thursday, March 15

I finally bought a pair of Toms.
These were too cute to pass up!!

Day 74 - Wedneday, march 14

This has become a very common sight at dinner.  I take whatever veggies I have in the fridge, toss them in olive oil and salt and pepper and then roast them in the oven.  So good!

Day 73 - Tuesday, March 13

Jared's grandparents bought him a laptop for graduation.  He was so excited to receive it today.....too bad it was DOA....ugh.  Such a let down!

Day 72 - Monday, March 12

Dinner tonight.
I am seriously thinking of a life style change when our fast is over.  My husband is doing the Daniel fast and I decided, though my fast is different, to eat along with him.  I honestly have not felt better physically in a long time AND I've lost 7

Day 71 - Sunday, march 11

Our youth pastor delivered the sermon today and he had a really great illustration on how we live life.  But I couldn't resist taking his picture!!!

Day 70 - Saturday, March 10

My friend Beth is turning 60 and she threw herself a party tonight!
I love that!
Her husband's band played and we all had a great time!!

Day 69 - Friday, March 9

We went to dinner with our good friends Mike and Lori to celebrate Mike's birthday.  This is Lori trying frog legs for the first time......tastes like chicken?!

Day 68 - Thursday, march 8

 jury summons....enough said.

Day 67 - Wednesday, march 7

 I don't know if you can see the red on my thumb but I burned my thumb tonight on the hot steam as I lifted the lid on our, that hurts!

Day 66 - Tuesday, March 6

Lily is having minor surgery today....fix a hernia and clean her teeth (sooo needed).....but I thought we were supposed to be at the vet at 7 and it's a 20 minute drive.....however, they don't open till 7:30!  So I sat in my car, read my scripture for the day and tried not to gag from the smelly dog breath!!

Jared's band played for Chapel today at school.  I so love hearing a room filled with HS students praising God....beautiful!

Day 65 - Monday, March 5

 So, I am on a new kick....steel cut oatmeal for breakfast.  Especially since I found they have a quick cooking version!!!  yum!

Day 64 - Sunday, March 4

2 of our friends in our Life Group had birthdays this week!  
Happy Birthday Denise and Mike!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 63 - Saturday, March 3

Finally had time today to do some's been a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Don't comment on the size of the eyes are old!!!

Day 62 - Friday, march 2

No picture today.  
 Steve and I enjoyed spending the day together....around a few meetings.

Day 61 - Thursday, Mar 1

Lily had to go to the vet today.....she is a bit nervous!!

Day 60 - Wednesday, Feb 29

 I am so enjoying our church's 40/40 prayer retreat.  This week we have been meditating on John 12.

Day 59 - Tuesday, Feb 28

It is FEBRUARY and things are blooming!!!
This has been a very strange winter...actually, we have really not had a winter.

Day 58 - Monday, Feb 27

So sad to leave all my friends today! 
Until next year!

Day 57 - Sunday, Feb 26

my girls weekend has changed a bit this year.....we are eating much healthier than we ever have before! hmmmmm.

Day 56 - Saturday, Feb 25

Today was hilarious.
We wanted to get a picture before Susan left at noon.  Her sister came to pick her up and we quickly went out on the screened in porch to grab a picture.....the one below.

 However, when the door got locked.
We were 7 women out on the porch, no key, NO PHONES.
We tried to yell for the neighbors to no avail.....
we tried to take the hinges off the door to no avail....
it finally took Kim and April (new names, MacGyver) to jimmy the door lock with a wind chime piece.  I know....we are amazing!!1  :)

Day 55 - Friday, Feb 24

Today, some of us went down to the river to walk and then came home to watch the series, Downton Abby, on PBS.   Kim made us Thai Peanut shrimp for dinner.

Day 54 - Thursday, Feb 23

 There are so many things that I love about my friends.  But the most important is that they each love Jesus with all their hearts.  It is amazing to get up in the morning and have everyone deep in study of God's Word first thing.

And of course, we have lots of yummy food...although this year has gone a bit "healthy".

Day 53 - Wednesday, Feb 22

If you remember a post I had in December....I love, love boiled peanuts!!
We stopped to gas up the car today and they had a big crock pot of them.....I am in heaven!

Day 52 - Tuesday, Feb 21

My friend, April arrived today.  We leave tomorrow for my girl's weekend.  Sadly, Wendi can't go, so we had dinner with her tonight.

Day 51 - Monday, Feb 20

Is this precious or what?!!
I took a meal to this family tonight and got to snuggle this sweetheart!

Day 50 - Sunday, Feb 19

This sweet boy let me pull his first tooth today!!!  It was so loose and he wouldn't let his mom.  I know I am weird, but I love to pull teeth!!

Day 49 - Saturday, Feb 18

Spent this morning finishing up my friend's laundry.  She had reconstructive surgery a few weeks ago from her cancer and last week developed a staph infection from an abscessed tooth.  She has had a rough time and is on IV antibiotics in her home.  If you think of it, please pray for a quick recovery for my friend, Ann.

Day 48 - Friday, Feb 17

This took my breath away today.
That is my BABY'S name.
How is that possible?

Day 47 - Thursday, Feb 16

Tonight I had a Norwex party.  You might recognize this lovely's Lori!
If you don't know about Norwex should.  They are simply amazing.  Google it and find a distributor near you......your welcome.

Day 46 - Wednesday, Feb 15

 Rosemary Potato Soup tonight.  Recipe from Rebekah.  So, so good.
And you can't have soup without some good bread!

Day 45 - Tuesday, Feb14

I made red velvet cake balls for my family for Valentine's Day.
wow, were they yummy!!!

Day 44 - Monday, Feb 13

oday was a great day for our first snow because it allowed Jared and me to have a recovery day. What you see is about all we got.
dusting of snow in south = no school = all grocery stores out of basics 2 days ago.

Day 43 - Sunday Feb 12

On, the way back home from Indiana today.  We stopped to get the missed picture of Jared in front of the school sign. I don't think this is their main sign, but seeing as we had 11 hours ahead of us, we used the first one we saw!  Doesn't he look grown up?!  That's my baby.  waaaahhhhhhhhh.