Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85 - Saturday, March 26

The pharmacy was shorthanded for spring break, so I volunteered to work today....9-1pm.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping and waiting for my guys to get home!  I've missed them!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84 - Friday, march 25

After spending another night outside, enduring another visit to the vet, more shots and a bath...Lily is VERY glad to be home and back at her perch.  She seems to be feeling better.  We will get the test results from the vet on Monday.  He thinks it might be her thyroid.

Day 83 - Thursday, march 24

Lily is one sick dog.
She had to spend the night out side and just endured a lot of poking, proding and pricking with needles from the vet.

you can tell just from the look on her face that she is not herself!!!
Plus she smells really bad.

Day 82 - Wedensday, march 23

This was a VERY BAD day.
I worked back up at the pharmacy today to help them out over spring break.  When I got home after work, I opened the door to the worst smell EVER!  My poor Lily had had diarrhea....

After 4 hours of scrubbing, 3 mop heads, a bazillion candles and several blisters...I finally got it all cleaned up and smelling better.

now I am pooped....pun intended.

Day 81 - Tuesday, march 22

spent the morning with my CrossWalk committee working on curriculum for the spring and summer.  It was a VERY productive morning.  I love working with these ladies!!!

Day 80 - Monday, March 21

 Started working up at the church today.  This is my new office.
And then I got the unexpected pleasure of babysitting this sweet boy so his mama could go to work for the afternoon! 

Day 79 - Sunday, march 20

No picture today

Alyssa left this morning to drive back to school...she was not feeling well, so I was pretty worried until she got home.  But she made it fine!

My boys left after church today.
They are driving to Indiana to look at colleges for Jared.  Jason decided to go along since he has several friends at the different colleges.

Soooo...I have the house to myself for a WEEK!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78 - Saturday, march 19

Today is the ONE day I have all 3 of my kids home!
Alyssa leaves tomorrow to go back to school, Jason just got home tonight and the 3 boys are leaving tomorrow to take Jared to visit some colleges.
Of course, we had to play cards!!

Day 77 - Friday, march 18

Today Alyssa and I flew home to Arkansas. 
It is always so sad to leave my parents!
We watched this movie on the plane....great movie!

Day 76 - Thursday, march 17

I got to have lunch today with 2 friends I have known since elementary school.  It is always so fun to see how those friendships pick back up so quickly even when we don't see each other very often!!!

Day 75 - Wednesday, march 16

today my mom treated me to a 2 hour facial. love her!

Day 74 - Tuesday, March 15

 We went ATVing in the desert today.
See my last post for some more pictures.
We found a Gila Monster (pronounced "heela")
I have only see one other one in the wild in my life!  It is very rare to see them and they have a deadly I think my brother and daughter are crazy in this picture!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73 - Monday, march 14

I was sitting on my parents porch having my coffee and doing my quiet time when I heard a very strange noise.  Turns out this hot air balloon was flying over my parents house....nearly landing on the house!!!!  Unfortunately I didn't think to get my camera out till it made it down the street....crazy!!!

I had so much fun going to my niece's softball game tonight.  And what a beautiful backdrop for the game!!!  I miss those mountains so much!!!

Day 72 - Sunday, March 13

Look to the sky!!!  Christ must be returning!!
My mom is pumping her own gasoline!!!
This is the woman that would go out of her way and pay more to go to a self service station.  when those went under, she would pay her grandchildren to go pump her gas for her!!!!
I seriously nearly fell out of the car.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71 - Saturday, March 12

Flat Stanley decided to come with me and Alyssa to Arizona.  Here he is enjoying my favorite Eegee!  We stopped on the way home from the airport.  This is the flavor of the month...Lime.  SO GOOD!!!!

Day 70 - Friday, March 11

Alyssa's home!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 69 - Thursday, march 10

Our weather has been glorious lately!!!!

Day 68 - Wednesday, March 9

We were invited to dinner at our Worship pastor's house tonight.
They served PW's Thai noodles.
I cracked up when I looked over and saw their son cutting the noodles hanging out of his mouth with the knife!!!

Day 67 - Tuesday, march 8

Went to see my BF Wendi.....she took a fall in her garage!
Actually this picture doesn't do it justice...poor thing!!!

Day 66 - Monday, march 7

Made Pioneer Woman's Asian beef and noodle soup tonight

Day 65 - Sunday, March 6

We had a leak in our roof and are finally getting the damage fixed.  This is what I came home to.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 64 - Saturday, march 5

The main point of the trip was that we were recording a CD at Ardent Studios.

This was SO COOL.
These kids recorded in the same room as BB King, ZZ Top, and many more famous artists.

This is our great group of kids!
If you are wondering why many are smiling, they didn't know I was taking the picture!!!

Day 63 - Friday, march 4

We left today on a band trip to Memphis.
I took a friend's flat stanley with me! Boy, did that Flat Stanley have fun!  Here he is on Beale Street.

We ate dinner at the famous Huey's.
The kids had fun adding our name to the graffiti wall and shooting tooth picks into the ceiling.  Oh and they also enjoyed the amazing burgers!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62 - Thursday, March 3

 Today was my last day at work at the pharmacy.
Starting next week, I will be working up at the church.
My coworkers surprised me with a farewell them!!

Day 61 - Wednesday, March 2

Made this version of Italian Wedding Soup tonight.  
It was so yummy!!!

Day 60 - Tuesday, March 1

Spring has sprung!!! 
Woo Hoo!!!

Day 59 - Monday, Feb 28

What a great surprise I got today!
I flew home and was so sad leaving my friends...
...but anxious to get home to my sick boy.
Waiting for me were two surprises...
 a gorgeous, gorgeous prayer shawl I one from Skootsmom!!
I LOVE it!

and this awesome bracelet from my friend Tori!!
I love how when I went to take a picture of it, my other bracelet was laying with the word "always" on top.....always grace!

Day 58 - Sunday, Feb 27

Two of my friends have left, so it is down to 3.  We decided to bake today...well April did!!!
 She made one loaf of white bread and one of cinnamon swirl
It was SO good!!!

Our friend Kathleen always makes us fried tacos...a favorite of mine and her childhood from Arizona.  I have never made them but we couldn't go I gave it a try.  Not bad if I do say so myself!!!

Day 57 - Sat, Feb 26

Today is movie day and left overs!!
We have spent the whole day watching movies, reading, eating....we did do Zumba this morning!!

This has been such a relaxing weekend!!!
And I still have 1 1/2 days!! whoop!
I had one rough bump, while I am having fun, Jared is at home STILL sick....feeling like a pretty bad mom today...ugh. 

Day 56 - Friday, Feb 25

my friends and I have been getting together for 17 years.  We used to always have a tea with scones, sandwiches..the works.  But we haven't done it in a few years.  Not sure why, but it just got dropped.  So this year, we decided to bring it back.  I am so glad we did.

Robin, this is your biscotti recipe!!!

 Then for dinner....I can't believe we were even hungry....we made a caprese salad and a bay scallop risotto.  When I get home, I will post the risotto recipe on my recipe will want this recipe!

Day 55 - Thursday, Feb 24

One thing about my group of's all about the food.

Today for lunch, Wendi made us the best french onion soup!!
Then we headed to the airport to pick up Kim and stopped for Thai on the way home.


Day 54 - Wednesday, Feb 23

I am here!!!
With all my friends!!
And when we walked in from the airport, my friend April had all this waiting for us....

 Plus about 4 other appetizers!!!!
My favorite!

Day 53 - Tuesday, Feb 22 picture....sheesh.
I had so much to do today and then Jared woke up sick.
I am leaving tomorrow so I hope he gets well quickly!!!

Day 52 - Monday, Feb 21

No picture.
I worked all day and then had tons of errands to do to get ready for my girls weekend away!

Day 51 - Sunday, Feb 20

Jared plays in the youth worship band at church.
I love seeing him up there!!