Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - Saturday, April 28

So much fun being able to see my blogging friend, Mocha with Linda, today has she came through on a college visit with her girl!
This is our church secretary and administrator.  Tonight we had a baby shower for her and her husband.
 We played one hilarious game.....guess the melted candy bar in the diaper!!!

Day 118 - Friday, April 27

Well, the pool is open and ready for just needs to warm up a bit!  But Lily is very happy to be chasing the pool sweep again!

Day 117 - Thursday, April 26

Turkey tacos tonight with cilantro lime sweet potatoes

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 116 - Wednesday, April 25

We took Lily to get her summer cut today.  They have a new groomer and when I went to pick Lily up, I found that summer cut for her meant....shaved!!  My poor Lily looks pathetic!!!  good thing she can't see herself and good thing hair grows back!!!

Day 115 - Tuesday, April 24

I am working the concession again today.
yesterday was so busy I forgot to drink anything and got a bit dehydrated.  So today I made sure I had my water with me!!!

Day 114 - Monday, April 23

Today, our school hosted the region solo/ensemble festival.  We had over 2100 students on our campus for the event.  I headed up the concession stand for NINE plus hours...whew!

Day 113 - Sunday, April 22

Wonder why my mom has rubber bands on her feet?
Her slippers kept falling off as she walked.....resourceful don't ya think?!

Day 112 - Saturday, April 21

 My cousin's little girl releasing a butterfly
 Me and my mom in the gardens

Day 111 - Friday, April 20

  Visited my Aunt's garden this morning.  This is in the entrance to the garden.
Butterflies were everywhere already!!!  But it seemed like the flowers in my Aunt's garden attracted them more than any other location in the area!!!
This car pulled up next to me today.....hilarious!

Day 110 - Thursday, April 19

Fashion statement or did she get up late?
you decided!!
I left today to meet my mom for the annual Butterfly Festival where we have a garden in honor of my Aunt.  I could not believe this lady got on the plane with ONE curler in her hair...the rest of her hair was completely straight.  weird! What was even funnier was me trying to snap the picture unnoticed!!  :)

Day 109 - Wednesday, April 18

I have been working hard to grow my nails out (nail biter!) and so I treated myself to a shellac manicure...I LOVE it and they say it will last 2-3 weeks!!!

Day 108 - Tuesday, April 17

We had a follow up evening for our 40/40 prayer retreat at church tonight.  We had a potluck dinner and then shared what God taught each of us during this time of fasting and prayer.  What a blessing!!!  We ended the evening with communion.

Day 107 - Monday, April 16

Aren't these beautiful?  These were taken later in the week, but I missed a picture today.  I was too busy getting ready to leave at the end of the week.

Day 106 - Sunday, April 15

 Started our Jonah curriculum today at church
Tonight we had the honor of attending our friend's son's senior recital.  Wow!  He was amazing!!

Day 105 - Saturday, Aprl 14

 We enjoyed an evening at the symphony with Jared and a friend.  The featured artist was a young percussionist from!  He was amazing and just flew all over this marimba!!

Day 104 - Friday, April 13

Any one for a swim?!!
We opened our pool today...though it is a bit cold still the earlier warmer weather has caused the algae to really grow.  It will look clear and beautiful in a few days..well maybe a week!

Day 103 - Thursday, April 12

Our Fine Arts council put on a luncheon in honor of our Fine Arts teachers today.  It was very fun!

Day 102 - Wednesday, april 11

Steve and I found our selves alone for dinner and so we headed to our favorite sushi restaurant.

Day 101 - tuesday, April 10

Now that our fast is bread dough has come back out!  
My family is very happy!

Day 100 - Monday, April 9

This picture was actually taken last night.  Jason and I both have whirly pops (I gave him his for Christmas) and we had them out making popcorn for the family......with LOTS of butter and parmesan cheese! yum!!

Day 99 - April 8

What a wonderful Easter service we had!
But the best part was the baptisms at the end.  This lovely lady is someone I really look up to.  She was sprinkled as a baby and has been a believer since she was a child.  She has always been fine with that but in the last month or so, she said that the Holy Spirit just wouldn't leave her alone and she felt God wanted her to be baptized.  She told me she was a bit annoyed at first and told God "really? at my age? and I have to get my hair wet?!"  But I LOVE what an example she was to each of us that no matter our age...God still uses us and still desires our obedience!!!  It was beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye in the place!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 98 - Saturday, April 7

 This is Steve's birthday cake for tomorrow....about as chocolatey as you can get!!!
I also spent the day, yesterday and today, molding ice cream.  This is a tradition in my home (since I was a little girl) and we are having several small kids over for Easter dinner....should be a big hit!

Day 97 - Friday, April 6

We had our Good Friday service.
Our worship pastor read John's version of the crucifixion.  The power of God's is so difficult to hear what our savior went through for us.  But as dark as that day was, when death and Satan thought they had won.....little did they know that Sunday was coming!!!

Day 96 - Thursday, April 5

 Can you guess what is going on here?
A rock hit my windshield coming home from New Orleans and then it proceeded to crack across the whole windshield.  This guy is putting a new one on!

Day 95 - Wednesday, April 4

 Today is my sweet Alyssa's birthday!!!
She chose to have a family game night at home.  Even though we had to eat a meal that went along with Steve's fast, I still made her her favorite cake!!
I think she was pretty pleased with it all!!!  :)
Love her.

Day 94 - Tuesday, April 3

 We kicked off our new Women's ministry program tonight.  We had 45 ladies show!!!  The theme was Jesus, the Bread of Life.  I started the evening teaching them how to make artisan bread.  Everyone took home their own dough.
 We then moved to the atrium where we learned how aspects of the seder point to Jesus and ended the evening taking communion together where we crushed our own grapes....very powerful!!

Day 93 - Monday, April 2

 I got to babysit this sweet boy this morning.  But sadly, he ended up sleeping most of the time that I had him.  :(

Day 92 - Sunday, April 1

 This is how the stage was set up when we walked into church this morning.  Very dramatic.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 91 - Saturday, march 31

Alyssa and I came home today and saw this strange bug/bird? flying around my flowers.  It looked like it was part bee (because it had bright yellow and black strips on it's rear end) and part hummingbird, only it flew much slower.  We were fascinated by it.  Finally I remember to go get my camera but it was gone by the time I got back...ugh.  So we went in and started googling it.  It turns out it is a "clear winged hummingbird moth".  I had no idea there was such a thing!!  And now am so sad I didn't get a picture!!!
 got these off the internet

Day 90 - Friday, March 30

 he flowers are absolutely gorgeous in my yard right now.  The azaleas are at their peak and so vibrant!  And my roses are already starting to bloom.

Day 89 - Thursday, March 29

I had the opportunity today to meet with the building committee and architect about our new Fine Arts bldg at the school to discuss the plans.

Day 88 - Wednesday, March 28

One of the ladies in my bible study brought me these today to thank me for leading the study.  They are so beautiful!

Day 87 - Tuesday, March 27

  Tonight my life group made dinner for 50 Urban YoungLife kids.  We had a blast interacting with them and loved the chance to serve and love on them a bit.