Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 217 - Saturday, August 4

Started the day at the farmers market with Alyssa.  Then we came home and did some swimming.  We have a new comers dinner here tomorrow evening so I made the lasagna today...that way I don't have as much to do after church. I am so smart! ha!

Day 216 - Friday, August 3

Alyssa and I hung out together today.  We went and scoped out goodwill and savers and found a few fun treasures.  And then she helped me work on some projects I am doing for our ladies program at church on Tuesday.
 The program is on being hospitable and my job is to show fun, easy and cheap ideas to reach out to your neighbors, co workers, etc.  They all turned out great!!
This is an egg carton and I will put mini muffins in it!

Day 215 - Thursday, August 2

 Lily has really been enjoying the pool this year.  It doesn't take much to get her to jump in or fall in as she chases the balls and the people!!  Jason got this picture of her swimming!

Day 214 - Wednesday, August 1

 Today, I got a much need pedi cure.  It felt so good to relax for 45 minutes!!!

Day 213 - Tuesday, July 31

 Today, my husband and I had lunch at Chick Fil A because we knew that tomorrow would be crazy for Appreciation Day...but I forgot to take a picture.  :(  However, I did get a picture of our goslings at church.  They are almost full grown.  You can see the dad or mom standing watch.  We rarely saw them come out this year and I think that more survived than ever before! 

Day 212 - Monday, July 30

 Seriously....we are melting.

Day 211 - sunday, July 29

 Took a nice nap after church today and then spent the evening in the pool with my family!!  We had a lot of fun playing "pig"......I lost.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 210 - Saturday, July 28

 Peeled the last of the peaches today...whew!!  But it is WAY too hot to can them.  So I packaged them up to freeze until the weather gets a little cooler.....ok, a lot cooler!

Day 209 - Friday, July 27

 Steve was craving a burger so we headed out to Big Orange for dinner.  This is a "gourmet burger" joint.  And they are amazing!!!  Then we came home to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. 

Day 208 - Thursday, July 26

 Ran into one of my kids from church while I was out running errands.  He had a serious case of bed head going on!!!  :)

Day 207 - Wednesday, July 25

 Made this salad for lunch today.  The cucumber and onions were fresh from the garden.  This was really great!  Go here for the recipe

Day 206 - Tuesday, July 24

Fresh peaches for breakfast with oatmeal.....perfect.  
But a peach cobbler for dessert....even better!!

Day 205 - Monday, July 23

 Went with a friend of mine to pick peaches this morning.  The orchard is about 30 minutes.  With the horrible heat we are having, we got up bright and early to be there just after they opened at 7:00am.  Coffee was a must!!!  The peaches are so good, but very small this year.

Day 204 - Sunday, July 22

 Made this Cilantro Lime Ranch dressing tonight.  It was really good and healthy.  Go here for the recipe!

Day 203 - Saturday, July 21

Happy 28th Anniversary to my sweet husband!!!
Today my bf, Wendi, had an open house for her new home.  I went to help her with the food so that she could enjoy her party!  It was so fun and of course, she had some amazing food!!
 Little pastry spoons with pimento cheese.
 brownie delights!

Day 202 - Friday, July 20

 Tonight we went to dinner with our neighbors to celebrate our anniversary and his 60th birthday.  We are so blessed to have such great friends!!

Day 201 - Thursday, July 19

 Walked up to my friend's house today to pick her up for lunch and her husband was sitting in his car eating HIS lunch. Apparently the sound system in his car is better than the house!  It cracked me up!

Day 200 - Wednesday, July 18

 One word.....ouch.

Day 199 - Tuesday, July 17

This is my neighbors sweet little boy.  He is a twin and they are absolutely adorable.  One has curly, curly blond hair and this one has completely straight hair!!  They love my pool and "relaxing" on the deck chairs!!!

Day 198 - Monday, July 16

We started the process tonight to become foster parents!
Our first meeting of many.  It will probably take 4-6 months to get certified...seems like forever but I am sure it will go fast!

Day 197 - Monday, July 15

 Did some college shopping this afternoon.  Trying to get some of the big things out of the way before they are picked over in August!