Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 351 - Saturday, Dec 17

 Today was my Ladies Tea for the women of my church.  I baked 5 cakes for it.

 This Chocolate cheesecake was actually baked by The Cyber Hermit.  She was gracious enough to help me out!!

 Red Velvet Cake
 Old Fashioned Pound Cake
 Strawberry Cake
 Tiramisu Cake
My friend, Laya, hosted it at her house this year and it was so much fun!!!

Day 350 - Friday, Dec 16

My kids are home!!!!!!!!!
Of course, we pulled out a old one this time, cranium.
I think I laughed till I cried!!!!
I love my family!

Day 349 - Thursday, Dec 15

Today I attended the funeral of a friend's father.  He was only a year younger than my own father and it really hit home to me that I need to enjoy every minute with my parents.

Day 348 - Wednesday, Dec 14

And after prep day comes......colonoscopy day.  This was not near as bad as I had made it in my head.  In fact, thanks to this IV port....I don't remember it at all!!!! :)

Day 347 - Tuesday, Dec 13

Can you guess what today is?
Yep, prep day.....ugh.
I think I will never drink Apple juice again!!!

Day 346 - Monday, Dec. 12

 Stopped by Alyssa's apartment to check out her tree!  I grudgingly gave over some of her ornaments to her....I was just not ready for that.

Day 345 - Sunday, Dec 11

Jared was asked to play his French Horn in service today.  He did such a good job!  He was so nervous and I am VERY proud of him!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 344 - Saturday, Dec 10

Jason and Andi came home for the weekend.  With finals next week, they spent the day that we could all play together this evening!!!!  I love having all my kids at home!!!

Day 343 - Friday, Dec 9

We left Orlando mid morning and drove 10 hours to Birmingham.  This was our view as we came into the city!!!  The sunset was amazing. 

Day 342 - Thursday, Dec. 8

We left Orlando mid morning and drove 10 hours to Birmingham.  This was our view as we came into the city!!!  The sunset was amazing. 

Day 341 - Wednesday, Dec. 7

Today the girls hit the outlet malls and found some pretty good deals.  Then we headed out for one last dinner together.

Day 340 - Tuesday, Dec. 6

  So I was a bit stressed before we left on vacation and I packed two different flip flops!
This was my view today!
My kids called to tell me it was snowing in Little Rock!!!
Love it!

Day 339 - Monday, Dec 5

 This is my friend, Linda.  We were best friends in elementary school and she lived next door to me.  Her family moved in 6th grade.  The last time we saw each other, we were 16!!!  I was so excited to be able to have lunch with her while in Orlando!
 Of course you know that games were involved in my vacation!!!

Day 338 - Sunday, Dec 4

 The magical world of Harry Potter.
This was very cool and very well done!

 Butter beer...... sooooo yummy!!!!
 Some of the greatest friends ever!

Day 337 - Saturday, Dec. 3

And we are at the condo with our friends!!!
This is going to be a great week!!!

Day 336 - Friday, Dec. 2

My good friend, Kim, and her baby Sadie.
Our view from our hotel room.....nice!

Day 335 - Thursday, Dec. 1

Steve and I are on the road to florida.  We stopped for the night at a good friends house..this was a house down the street from them.  wow!

Day 334 - Wednesday, Nov 30

 Deck the halls at church tonight!

Day 333 - Tuesday, Nov 29

 This was my favorite part of my day today!
Why does having someone wash your hair feel so good?

Day 332 - Monday, Nov 28

sometimes a pedicure just makes you feel better!
getting ready for my vacation!!!

Day 331 - Sunday, Nov 27

 We studied the widows mite today in sunday school and did an experiment showing how sometimes something small (mentos candy) can have a big effect!!!
 Jason leaves to go back to school.  :(

Day 330 - Saturday, Nov 26

My family!!! I am so grateful and blessed.

Day 329 - Friday, Nov 25

 We continued our craziness and got up at 7:00 for some black Friday shopping.  After 5 hours, I'd say that we made out pretty good!!!

 The grandparents took all the grandkids to the zoo and they had a great time!!

 My wonderful parents!!
We ended the day with pizza and a rousing game of scribs!!!
So fun!!!

Day 328 - Thursday, Nov 24

 Steve started early frying the for a friend and one for us.
It comes out a perfect golden brown and is so juicy inside!!!

 Of course, I have to bake one too because I love the dressing that is stuffed inside the turkey!!
  Me and my brother
again, I LOVE a full table!!!
Being in the food coma we were, we obviously were not thinking straight and decided to hit Wowmart for the 10 o'clock black Friday sale.....
...words can not describe this experience.  ALL the checkout lines had checkers..that is a first at wowmart!!!  But it was seriously a mad house.....I did come out with some great deals though!

Day 327 - Wednesday, Nov 23

Today was baking day....3 pies and a pound cake!

 Papa is happy to have his 2 best girls with him!!!
 made a big pot of Stew for dinner.
I love, LOVE having a full table!!!

Day 326 - Tuesday, Nov 22

At least once a year, I seem to have to forget that I can't put potato skins down the disposal.  It is usually when I am in a hurry......Steve loves this about me!  :)

Day 325 - Monday, Nov 21

 Somehow today I hit my mouth and caused this blood blister.  I actually remember thinking "ouch, that hurts" when it happened but can not remember what happened......typical.