Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 42 - Saturday, Feb 11

I can't tell you how wonderful it has been staying with Rita and Mike.  Our friendship feels like one forged over many years and yet this is the first time we have met face to face.  Their home is warm and they have treated us like family.  I will be very sad to leave tomorrow!
Today Jared had his audition at much STRESS!!!  But it seems like he did well.  He will find out for sure in about a week.....have I told you that I am not a good waiter?!

 Tonight we ate at an Upland icon...Ivanhoe's!  this picture of me is what you get after wearing a hat all day...I don't miss 16 degrees!!!
 Rita and I shared the "Cowabunga". Do you see how BIG it is.  we each only ate 1/4!!!
  But they are mostly known for their 100 different shakes!!!!
  We sampled a few!!!  yum!

Day 41 - Friday, Feb 10

 We woke up today to snow....much to Jared's delight and my chagrin.  
It's COLD.
After visiting Anderson University, we headed over to Taylor to check it out. 
 And of course we had to make a stop at our beloved Steak 'n Shake!!!  :)

Day 40 - Thursday, Feb 9

Can you guess where I am? My fellow P365ers might recognize this stair case.... 

 I am at Rita's!!!!
We arrived here tonight and as we visited, we had a hilarious time cracking nuts and eating them....Rita was shooting nut shell parts all over her house!!!

And they landed in some very odd places!  I think she will be finding shells for a long time!


Day 39 - Wednesday, Feb 8

Today I went by the library and picked up a couple of books on CD for the ELEVEN hour drive we have on Thursday and again on Sunday.  I have already read the book thief, but I have to say that listening to it made me love it even more!

Day 38 - Tuesday, Feb 7

No picture today.  I was busy getting the house cleaned and errands run before my trip to Indiana on Thursday.

Day 37 - Monday, Feb 6

This is the only evidence that shows that I caught myself on fire this morning!  yes, you read that right.  The sleeve of my robe got too close the the flame in my kitchen and caught fire.  It spread, QUICKLY, to the whole front of my robe.  May I just say that when you are on fire, stop/drop/roll does NOT come to your mind.  Jason, yelled for me to take my robe off and as he grabbed it to put it out, I realized my PJs were on fire too.  We were able to quickly get it all out and I am FINE.  BUT, I did find out that liquid fabric softner leaves a residue on your clothes that is flammable.  you can see that nothing was really burned, it was like just vapors burning.  Scary yes, but also funny now that it is over!

Day 36 - Sunday, Feb 5th

My favorite Super Bowl snack made by my friend, Barb.  This is a shortbread cookie with a square of dark chocolate on top and then a piece of brie...then melted.   Sinful!!!!! and oh so good.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35 - Saturday, Feb 4

 We traveled to Arkadephia today for Jared's all-state tryouts.  Here he is practicing with some friends.  sadly, his nerves got the best of him and he didn't make it.  Hurts my mama's heart.

But I came home to find this special gift in the mail for me from my dear friend LuAnn!!!
I LOVE it!
 It's hard to model and take the picture of yourself too...blurry.

Day 34 - Friday, Feb 3

It's a popcorn-for-dinner kind of day.
We also watched the movie Moneyball......great movie!

Day 33 - Thursday, Feb 2

 I went to meet the newest member of our congregation today....Zoe.
Oh my word, she is beautiful!!!

Day 32 - Wednesday, Feb 1

  My husband's HS baseball team was inducted into the Kansas baseball hall of fame in 2009.  This year for Christmas, I bought him his Hall of Fame ring and it just came.  It is ginormous!!!  But how many guys can say they have a Hall of Fame ring?!!

Day 31 - Tuesday, Jan 31

Me and my friend, Haven, worked this afternoon on getting all our Fine Arts Council books and paperwork in order.  It feels good to get it organized!

Day 30 - Monday, Jan 30

Today I had lunch with my bff, Wendi, and she took me out to the land they just purchased.  This will be the view from the front of their house....nice!

Day 29 - Sunday, Jan 29

 I received this precious letter from a child in my SS class this afternoon.