Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 239 - Saturday, August 27

This picture is from Thursday....I know, but I forgot to take a picture today!  We had dinner at a young couple's house from our church tonight and had so much fun!  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture.  So this picture is from the meal I made Thursday....Nutty chicken salad on croissants and pasta salad.

Day 238 - Friday, August 26

I decided to make fish tacos on the spur of the moment and invited our good friends Roger and Jill for dinner.  Nothing better than good food and good friends!!!

Day 237 - Thursday, August 25

Lily went to the groomers today and usually they send her home with a cute handkerchief around her she got a bow....on the back of her head.  She seriously looked at me like "please, please take it out!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 236 - Wednesday, August 24

LOUD thunderstorm this morning.
Someone is just a bit nervous!!!  She is not allowed on the furniture and it totally shocked me when she all-of-a-sudden jumped up on the sofa after a clap of thunder!! And she wasn't going to move!

Day 235 - Tuesday, August 23

I made this baked brie with pepper jelly for book club tonight.  
This was so good and the ladies completely finished it off!!  
Go here for the recipe!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 234 - Monday, August 22

 Took my brother and SIL down to OBU to finish building Kayley's loft bed and to say goodbye.  

Such a hard time on us parents.  
but even harder for them as they are leaving her states away.  
I am so thankful that I am close and will be able to be there if she needs it!!

Day 233 - Sunday, August 21

This is being documented for "future use" understand
Tonight, I decided to go into Jason's room to see just how bad he left it and found this......a hot glue gun STILL PLUGGED IN and sitting on the carpet!!!! 
no words.

Day 232 - Saturday, August 20

Of course we had to have one last game of settlers before Jason leaves for college tomorrow!!  We've actually played more cards this summer than settlers.

Day 231 - Friday, August 19

Played cards with our good friends Kenny and Tracee tonight.
The girls DOMINATED and it was AWESOME!!!

Day 230 - Thursday, August 18

I do not have a picture today and for the life of me....I can't remember why or what I even did on Thursday right now.  sheesh!

Day 229 - Wednesday, August 17

Quesadilla's for dinner

Day 228 - Tuesday, August 16

My last 1st-day-of-school EVER....

 The obligatory picture!
I always do something fun for myself the first and last days of school.  Today a friend of mine went to a Brazilian bakery for some amazing coffee, pastries and lots of laughter!!!

Day 227 - Monday, August 15

 I had to work the FAC table during back-to-school and I conned, well begged, Jason to help me since I was the only one to volunteer! 

Day 226 - Sunday, August 14

 Two teenagers were baptized today after the service.
Can there be anything better to watch?!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 225 - Saturday, August 13

My neighbor brought me a whole bag of okra out of her garden this afternoon...guess what we had for dinner?  Yum!!!

Day 224 - Friday, August 12

Last day of band camp.
We had a family potluck and the kids performed what they have worked on so far.  It is going to be a great year!!

Day 223 - Thursday, August 11

 It was a Betty Crocker kind of day....
...more peach jam and banana bread.

Jason has been helping out with band camp this week, working with the woodwinds.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 222 - Wednesday, August 10

This was probably the best tasting guacamole I have made in a while!!
and it got eaten quickly by the kids at our last youth swim party of the summer.

Day 221 - Tuesday, August 9

More peach jam today!
I found peaches at Walmart that were cheaper and better than the ones from the peach orchard!  Oh my, this jam is GOOD!

Day 220 - Monday, August 8

Marching band camp started today.
It is exciting and sad at the same time because this is our last year.

Day 219 - Sunday, August 7

We had some of our great friends from Indiana visit this weekend.  Jason taught Marv one of our favorite napkin games at lunch....and Marv beat him!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 218 - Saturday, August 6

Made these delicious rolls for breakfast.  It's an Ina Garten recipe...soooo good.
It has been so hot here, but I couldn't wait any longer to can jam..the fruit won't wait.  So Alyssa came over early to learn and help me.  She learned it's a lot of stirring! ha!

 She's very creative!

Always love to hear the pop of the jars and when you are done, it is such a feeling of accomplishment.  Canned 3 batches....more to come next week.

Day 217 - Friday, August 5

Even though it is Friday, our date day, I didn't feel like going out for breakfast.  So we stayed in and I made biscuits, eggs and ham.

Day 216 - Thursday, August 4

This actually happened yesterday.
I spent the day helping check band kids in at school and fitting them with their uniforms.

Day 215 - Wednesday, August 3

We are melting in the south!
It actually got up to 114 today...ugh.

Day 214, Tuesday, August 2

These are the trucks leaving our house, loaded with all Alyssa's belongings.....she moved out today....wahhhhhhhh.

Day 213 - Monday, August 1

Jason is an awesome waffle maker and Alyssa asked him to make them this morning.  As I ate mine, I thought it had a funny flavor to it.  This is our converstation:
Me: Jason, what did you put in the waffles?
Jason: the usual, why?
Me: it takes different
Jason: what does it taste like?
Me: cumin
Jason: what is cumin?
Me: a spice that looks a lot like cinnamon

Yep, someone needs to learn to read the labels!!

Day 212 - Sunday, July 31

 This was our snack for children's church today....isn't it cute?!  The kids loved it!

It was Andrea's last night with us, so we went out to dinner.  This picture cracks me up.....don't touch me!!!!