Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 309 - Friday

What a GREAT night
Senior night
We got to go out on the field with Jason while they introduced special!

The last time my boys will march together....
.....I was just a bit teary

Doing their half time show
Jared on far left, Jason 2nd one back on the right

ESPN was at our game tonight to televise it.
our running back, 6th in the nation, had just signed with Auburn and the coaches were there, there was so much excitement in the air!!

And we WON!!!!!!

Not only did we beat our rivals (who we have never beaten) but that puts us in the playoffs!!
And that means......

My boys will march again!!!!!
priorities ya'll!


Darla said...

what an exciting night!!! i LOVE the pictures! and so happy that you will see them march again ;)

Mari said...

What a special night! I love the shots of the band and the one of the boys together. Hooray for the win!

bentonflocke said...

wow fantastic pictures of a special night - sure you were very proud of your sons!