Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 107 - Sunday, April 17

Sunday was a great day!!
It had the potential of going in the other direction because it started out with the power still being out at the church.  The tornadoes on Thursday night caused this tree to fall on the power lines to our church.
 There are still lots of people without power in LR, so they didn't get to us before Sunday.  But the morning could not have gone better!
I set up the K-5th grades outside on the patio and once they were all there, we took them up to the basketball courts for their lesson.  The day was beautiful and they loved being outside!

And the service was one of the best ever...even without a sound system or lights!!
So wonderful when God shows up like that!

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Mari said...

Glad no one was hurt - and I love it when God shows up like that too!