Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 222 - Wednesday, August 10

This was probably the best tasting guacamole I have made in a while!!
and it got eaten quickly by the kids at our last youth swim party of the summer.


Michelle said...

No food is safe in a crowd of hungry teens. That guacamole and your peach jam below are making me hungry.

Darla said...

ohh yum! i am priveledged to say that i have enjoyed both your wonderful cooking, and your pool! :) you are just amazing Sara, keeping up the way you do! teach me your ways.

bentonflocke said...

swim party sounds cool.... too bad, it´s too cold here for a swim party
and we havn´t such a cool pool like you

Mari said...

You've been busy with jam and now guacamole! I think the swim party kids were happy!