Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 - Monday, January 4

It "snowed" in LR today. This closed schools....crazy!

Jared turned 16 today!!
Country Rigatoni was his choice for dinner

After diner we all played Band Hero....too funny!


Darla said...

i love that last picture, looks like everyone is having a good time. Jared's plate looks yummy too, good choice for the birthday dinner.

maresi said...

looks like a lot of fun and love in your home! If you don't mind I'll link to you in my list of other 365-ers on my photoblog...

LuAnn said...

Dinner looks delious !!!! Looks like Jared had a great birthday!!
Don't hurt your back shoveling !!!

Abiding Branch said...

I love it! We have been rockin out to the Beatles!! So much fun!!

bentonflocke said...

Happy belated birthday Jared!

School closed in fact of this little bit snow? That´s more than crazy... unbelievable!

Cool shot of the Band Hero