Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - Thursday, January 7

This beautiful cake was delivered to me today.
Our Youth pastor inadvertently dissed me while preaching a couple of weeks ago and I told him his only way out was a chocolate cake (he makes the BEST!)

look at that chocolaty goodness!!
oh and that "clean sweep of sugar" out of my house I talked about on going to have to wait!!!


Darla said...

that looks good, i baked one today too. it was the recipe from the hershey cocoa can...oh my, it was good! there is nothing like a wonderfully homemade chocolate cake! and i love your ice picture really need no words on that one!

Mari said...

It looks really good! I bet he's forgiven now!

bentonflocke said...

mmmh this looks really yummy!!

He did it very well - didn´t he?

maresi said...

I'll be right over for a slice. :o)