Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 75 - Tuesday, March 16

Jared and I went out looking for sandals for him for vacation. After going to 5 stores, we finally found a pair that will work....sheesh, it's the south...why aren't sandals out yet?!!!
It took us so long, we had to drive through Sonic for dinner.


Molytail said...

Funny, because there's snow all over the ground still here - but there are sandals all over the stores already LOL

[neat to see a menu from a 'different' fast food place - we don't have those here. "Coney" is a funny name for a hot dog, and I wonder if I'd like "limeade"..]

Jennifer said...

You're making me hungry! Great shot. I've been known to hit the drive thru and take pictures for my project 365 too. I think they will be fascinating shots to look at 50 years from now to see how cheap (imagine that) things were. :)