Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 83 - Wednesday, March 24

Today was a day at sea. We spent part of the day on a deck chair, but by lunch we had had enough sun (some of us were a bit sunburned). But we still managed to relax playing cards or reading.

in the morning, Jared and I went to a towel folding class. So now if any of ya'll visit, I can have a wonderful creation on your bed each night!!! you know you want to come now!

We learned to make a dog, elephant, stingray, and a was really fun!

This was our table at dinner.
We got seated with a wonderful family from Jonesboro.
We had a lot of fun getting to know them!

you know there is no limit to the fun we Bowyers have!
while waiting for the show to start we goofed around with the camera! I'm sure those around us thought we were a bit strange.


Darla said...

you guys are too fun! these are the greatest memories.

bentonflocke said...

funny shots and a funny class with the towels!

So not only now I´ll visit you...

Sure it would be a great time in your family