Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133 - Friday, May 13

 So we had a lot of free time. We met Alyssa in the morning to give the grandparents a tour of the campus and her house.  After lunch a few of us went to the local was a gorgeous day for that!! do they do that?!!!  It was so windy out and they were swaying back a forth but never put the other foot down....crazy!
 Alyssa, Jared and my mom
 ok, there has to be a funny comment about that tongue.....but I am so tired and I got nothin'!!!
After grad rehearsal for Steve and Alyssa we all went out to dinner at a local steak house!

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joybug56 said...

Can I be one of your family members....looks like a loving family ...all with their glorious smiles...must be Jesus.
You have a new follower