Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 - Wednesday, May 25

This is the hail that came down at my house this afternoon!
There were many bigger than this, but see the pointy edges on those?
Ya, I didn't want to run out there and grab them....those would hurt!!!


Mari said...

Those are big enough! I heard there were more tornadoes heading your way this evening. I think you've had enough crazy weather.

ChrisJ said...

I've been watching CNN. It's a heartbreaking story. Praying for all you people in the paths of these storms. We have our earthquakes, but after 40 years down here, we've barely had a ripple. Yet there's always the possibility. Stay safe.zympol

LuAnn said...

This weather is just crazy - I neve say hail so big.

We are just having plain cold weather. Have to bring my flower pots in everynight. Last nights low was 38.