Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 275 - Sunday, October 2

Today we taught the kids about the temptation of Christ.
I wanted them to understand what a temptation was, so we took a "temptation" walk.
The kids were told that as we walked, they had to stay ON the path.  If they made it to the end of the path, there would be a wonderful surprise..

But along the turns of the path there were things to tempt them to leave the path....games, money, toys, candy, cupcakes.....they could leave the path if they wanted and enjoy that one thing, but then they would forfeit the surprise at the end...
There were people at each station trying to tempt the kids to come enjoy the items they were offering.  We told the kids to recite "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" to help them stay on the path....

...every child made it to the end!!!
and the surprise was that they received everything on the path that was tempting them!!!
After the older kids did the walk, they came back and buddy'd up with a younger child and walked with them and encouraged them to stay on the path too.
It was a GREAT lesson!!!


LuAnn said...

What a great teaching lesson. Will have to pass that on to our teachers.

Mari said...

What a great lesson! I love that you had the older kids help and encourage. That was another lesson.

Elizabeth said...

What a brilliant way of getting that message across. x