Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 308 - Friday, Nov 4

 The guys hired a guide and went fishing for the day and we made them lunches!
 The girls just hung out and then had lunch at my new favorite restaurant, Big Orange.
Tonight was Senior night and our last football game....waaahhhhhh!!!
My friends all went to Conway for the evening while Steve and I enjoy celebrating Jared and watching him march and direct for the last time.  This was a hard one.


Mari said...

That's so hard. It's a nice picture of you three!

Darla said...

this is a GREAT picture of you 3! luckily we are going to playoffs, so i know i have at least one more game to watch...but i sooo feel your sadness and i know my turn is coming.

LeAnne said...

Yes! Great photo!

Love the sandwich baggies!