Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 315 - Friday, Nov 11

11-11-11 today!
Steve and I started the day at Bside for breakfast.  
This breakfast sandwich was!!!
The rest of the day I spent SCOURING my house with bleach and lysol.
You see everyone is sick and Steve is sick AGAIN with a cold..ugh.


LuAnn said...

Oh I sooooo get the sick stuff. Phil was sick Sunday - Monday with the pukes. I came home from work Monday. Thought all was good.

Early Thursday a.m. I became so ill through the whole night and first feel better today. Great weight loss plan :) Phil was home with the poops Thurs/ Friday too. YIKES !!!! It has been quite the week. Hence, no pictures are up from me..

bentonflocke said...

hope they all are feeling better soon. My younger one has a cold, too.. no swimming since 1 week... hope it will be better next week..

yummy breakfast

Mari said...

The sandwich looks so yummy!
Sorry you have sickness in the house again. Hope it passes quick!