Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 50 - Saturday, Feb. 19

Siloam Springs is pretty small. So today we headed 30 minutes away for lunch to eat at Steak N Shake....a family favorite!!  No, that is not my shake on this side of the table...that is Andrea's!!

They had a talent show for parent weekend.
Jason and 4 of his friends did an AWESOME job....if I do say so myself!!!
Lots of talent at this was very fun!

Day 49 - Friday, Feb 18

Got to JBU after lunch for parent weekend.  So, so good to see my son!!!
And we also were able to meet his new girlfriend and take them to dinner.  Loved that!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 48 - Thursday, Feb 18

Jared had to work tonight, so Steve and I went out on a date and enjoyed some sushi!!  I am so glad he loves sushi as much as I do!!

Day 47 - Wednesday, Feb 16

a favorite pasta dish of I learned in Italy.
Go here for the recipe.

Day 46 - Tuesday, Feb 15

Jared had a mid-winter concert at school tonight
It was great!

Day 45 - Monday, Feb 14

 Valentines that my daughter sent to me and her dad!

 spent the day at all-state band try outs.
Jared did well, but did not make it this year.  :(

Came home this evening to this AMAZING cake my husband had waiting for me!!!  So, so good!!!
And then the evening was topped off by my son posting a video on FB singing to me for valentines day!!! 
I am very blessed!!!

Day 44 - Sunday, Feb 13

 In Sunday school today we talked about how God never gives up on us and how it made each of us unique.  The younger kids made art using their thumb prints and saw how each was unique!!

We enjoyed the evening listening to the LR youth symphony.
Jared is in the very back.....1st chair french horn

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43 - Saturday, Feb. 12

My blurb book came!!!!
And I LOVE it!
Do you know what this is?

Come back Monday for a review I am doing to find out!

Day 42 - Friday, Feb. 11

Every school was closed today but ours...go figure. We had a late start.  So after seeing that Jared was on his way to school (driving himself), Steve and I left for our usual Friday breakfast date.  This is what we found on the roads...
 Solid ice!
I could not believe we send Jared out on this!!!!  And I was worried sick until we heard from him.  He made it fine but said it was pretty bad....ugh.  However, it was all melted by the time he came home!

This is about the best snowman you will ever see in AR!!  at my neighbors!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 41 - Thursday, Feb 10

This was my view today.
I woke up not feeling well at all and promptly went back to bed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 - Wednesday, Feb 9

It snowed all day today.
We got about 6 inches....crazy!!

Day 39 - Tuesday, Feb 8

The calm between the storms!!!

From looking out my front porch today, you would never know that we got 3" of snow yesterday or that they are predicting we are going to get 8-10" tomorrow

Day 38 - Monday, Feb 7

We woke up to 3 inches of very wet snow this morning.

Day 37 - Sunday, Feb. 6

We went to a super bowl party at a friends house and I made a new friend!  Is she not the cutest thing?!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36 - Saturday, Feb. 5

Oh my word, I am in heaven!!!
For a limited time, they have brought back these....

...the original dorito flavor!!!!
So long diet!!!!

Day 35 - Friday, Feb. 4

First off, my friend got her pathology report back...they got ALL the cancer.  She will not have to endure radiation!!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!  He has taken such amazing care of her!!
A storm is blowing in today.  1-3 inches is predicted....yes, just 1-2 inches.  I had to run to the store for a couple items for a dinner I had to make for a friend and this is what I found......

 The people here are crazy.  It was like they all thought they would be snowed in for a MONTH.  It took me 3 times as long to check out as it took to find my items.....ugh!!

But I need them because I was spending the night with this friend and making her dinner....

She dislocated her shoulder and can't care for her baby.  Her husband had to work over night and so I got the pleasure of spending the night with her and caring for this sweet, precious baby!!!!

Day 34 - Thursday, Feb. 3

If she were not in the hospital, you would never know she had just had surgery!!!  My friend is feeling GREAT today and the surgery was so surprised to not find ANY swelling or bruising from the surgery.  She is actually going home this morning.  Praise God!!!

Day 33 - Wednesday, Feb. 2

Spent the afternoon in this waiting room while my friend had a double, radical mastectomy.  Love that her surgeon prayed for her before she went back.  The surgery took only 45 minutes and the doctor said that it could not have gone any better!!!  Now we wait for pathology.

Day 32 - Tuesday, Feb. 1

HUGE thunderstorms here today.
and of course, our power went out!
I had to take Jared to school because my car was in the shop.  The power went out while I was gone, so I could not get the garage door open....and Jared doesn't have a key to the house, great.  Fortunately for me, my neighbor has a key to our house!!!  Can I just say it is really frustrating when I lose my power but the neighbors across the street HAVE power!

Day 31 - Monday, Jan. 31

My co-worker making a wrap.
Only this one was so full I didn't think she would get it to close...
....amazingly she did!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 30 - Sunday, Jan. 30

If you remember my Sunday School kids had a penny war in December to earn money to buy an animal for Heifer Int.  Well, they rocked it out.  Can you see all the animals they were able to buy?  Two are easy, the 3rd is a little harder....look on their hands.  BEES!  They have bee puppets on their hands.  In stead of handing Christian (with Heifer) the check they brought in the animals they were buying so the church could see.  I am SO proud of them!!!