Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 37 - Monday, Feb 6

This is the only evidence that shows that I caught myself on fire this morning!  yes, you read that right.  The sleeve of my robe got too close the the flame in my kitchen and caught fire.  It spread, QUICKLY, to the whole front of my robe.  May I just say that when you are on fire, stop/drop/roll does NOT come to your mind.  Jason, yelled for me to take my robe off and as he grabbed it to put it out, I realized my PJs were on fire too.  We were able to quickly get it all out and I am FINE.  BUT, I did find out that liquid fabric softner leaves a residue on your clothes that is flammable.  you can see that nothing was really burned, it was like just vapors burning.  Scary yes, but also funny now that it is over!

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