Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177 - Sunday, June 26

Today we got up early and headed to Jenny Lake in the Teton National Park.  We took a 5 minute boat ride across this lake.
 We first hiked to the most AMAZING waterfall.  There is so much water here right now, that it is just thundering down the river.
 The pictures just don't do the view justice!!!  And we are fairly far from this waterfall and still getting sprayed
 Then we hiked up to 7200 feet to Inspiration Point....I thought my lungs were burst, seriously.  But it was soooo worth it.  We had to walk across a lot of snow to get there.
My and my girl friends!!!  Love these guys!!!
 Wow, the view was unbelievable.  And honestly, I don't see how anyone can view this and not believe in God.  Only He could come up with this kind of beauty!!!


ChrisJ said...

Well done for all that hiking. Wonderful photographs.

Mari said...

Looks like you are having so much fun! The mountains are gorgeous!

bentonflocke said...

impressive scenery

LuAnn said...

The pictures are amazing - so happy for you and your time with your friends. And prayers for your friend her her kidney donation.
I have said this before - your pictures look like postcards !