Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 - Wednesday, June 29

 Had to say goodbye to Wendi and Jerry today. 

The guys headed out on an all day fishing trip.  So April and I took the tram to the top of Mt. Rendezvous....10, 450 feet!!!!
 What a spectacular view!!!!
 yes, I am wearing flip flops with snow all around me!!!
 After the tram, we headed into Jackson for some shopping and had lunch at a Thai restaurant.  This coconut soup was amazing!!!!!


LuAnn said...

I am so afraid of heights so good for you for going on the Tram.

Lunch looks great too.

Mari said...

I've been enjoying all your pictures on Facebook. It looks like another fun day!

bentonflocke said...

it´s sad to say goodbye!

But you´ll have wonderful memories in your heart!

cool flip-flops in the snow ;-)