Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178 - Monday, June 27

 Started out our day at Old Faithful!
So much fun to sit and wait for it to erupt.
 These buffalo came right up by us...pretty crazy!
 I love my friends!!!  You guys rock!
Praying for my friend in the grey shirt...she is leaving us tomorrow and Wednesday is donating one of her kidneys to a little girl who desperately needs it. 
Please pray for her!!!
 This is the whole group.
 oh my word, this is NOT a zoomed picture.  This guy let us walk up and take his picture.  I think we were disturbing his nap!
The views here are just amazing....every where you turn, it's breath taking!


ChrisJ said...

Wow you really got up close with the wild life. I think those bison can be quite dangerous and I wouldn't like to be on he wrong end of those antlers! But it's so great to see wild life in the wild, so to speak.

joybug56 said...

"Thanks" for sharing the good times with me that Buffalo that must have been a sweet experience or exciting ...

bentonflocke said...

breath-taking shots!!! Wow - what an adventure holiday!! Not everyone has the occasion to see this.